Information Security and Information Privacy Solutions

Historically, information security solutions have focused on preventing external threats such as viruses, hackers and worms through perimeter solutions that include firewalls and antivirus software. While still aware of outside threats, corporations have a new threat, inside violations concerning data at rest. Today’s employees are able to easily export sensitive files and information via email, FTP or by copying data to portable media. Without policies and controls on data security and data privacy, corporations have little to no control over where their sensitive information is, how it is used, and who obtains it.

Many companies simply do not have the resources or appropriate policies in place to identify NPI and PII to avoid inadvertent, accidental information leakage or malicious information theft from within. As companies continue to accumulate NPI and PII, they are under enormous pressure to mitigate risk and to provide data security to sensitive information before an undesirable loss occurs. Whether you call it data security, Content Loss Prevention or simply Information Security Solutions & Privacy, the time has come to take steps to protect your corporation’s data privacy.

Information security solutions system, discovers sensitive information contained in emails and files regardless of physical or logical location. EIC not only classifies email and file metadata (e.g. mailto, mailfrom, owner, creation date, last accessed, size, format) but also provides a comprehensive set of rules that extract common, confidential patterns such as phone numbers, social security numbers & credit card numbers.

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The information security challenges which are solved by EIC are listed below:

  • Comprehensive Data Security and Data Privacy Dashboard – View access pattern reports help understand which files and documents contain sensitive data and which have been accessed or modified, so corporations can inform employees of the risk associated with copying, cutting , posting private data and need of data security and data privacy. Summary and detailed reports are presented enabling corporations to review documents in real time and make policy determinations quickly. Information security and privacy reports can be emailed regularly to a centralized IT security team for monitoring and review.
  • Automated Risk Assessment – EIC provides additional functionality to assess the risk exposure of a document. This data risk assessment can be based on any combination of file attributes, application properties, file content and user-defined metadata.
  • Take Action to Enforce Compliance Policies – Automate the process of controlling confidential information by creating business policies that take action at regularly scheduled intervals.

Information Security & Information Privacy Benefits

EIC’s Information server or Information security solutions system allows you to take pro-active actions such as quarantining, moving or deleting sensitive or non-public information on your network before it impacts the business

Reduce business risk and liability – Know the exact types of confidential information on your network, where it is located and who owns it. Hence identify the data security needs.
Continuously monitor your network and take automatic action – Discover, classify and act on all emails and documents that are identified as sensitive, business critical or confidential in order to have information privacy solutions.

Facilitate compliance – Comply with SOX, GLBA, and HIPAA, PCI DSS and other data security laws and regulations to keep your company out of the headlines.

Create a data security and data privacy dashboard – Provides daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports that can be used to satisfy audit requests.

Scale with your information growth – Able to scan hundreds of millions of files representing Terabytes to Petabytes of data in a timely and cost effective manner.